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It’s not about fate, Walter, yours or mine. It’s about changing fate, and protecting our children.”


15 DAYS OF THE BISHOP-DUNHAM FAMILY: Day 6 » Favorite Olivia x Etta moment

"There was not one moment that I didn’t think about you." - 5x01, Transilience Thought Unifier Model 11

writing tip #925:


love making up stories but don’t have the skills to write a novel? fox news is always hiring

If the signs were mythological creatures:

Aries: Werewolf

Taurus: Hell hound

Gemini: Doppelgänger

Cancer: Banshee

Leo: Fairy

Virgo: Angel

Libra: Nymph

Scorpio: Siren

Sagittarius: Ghost

Capricorn: Mermaid

Aquarius: Vampire

Pisces: Shapeshifter